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This is a heads up for anyone in the Southern California Area. Wondercon is coming up on APRIL 18 - 20 and it’s basically the little sister con of San Diego Comic-Con. It is in it’s-self a huuuuuge convention filled with many comics, cartoons, and celebrities!
(photos from previous years  x x x x x x x)

This year Wondercon is being held at the Anaheim Convention Center which is right across from Disneyland!

Killer-Stella and I will be holding another artist alley table. We’ll have 11x17 prints and mini prints, we’ll also be doing character sketches! So if you’re coming to Wondercon stop by our table and say hi!

We’ll be located @ AA-110!!!  Please help me reblog & signal boost~

Extra heads up! Wondercon Badges are only available online this year! Saturday is sold out but Friday & Sunday are still available! Sunday is only $15!  Purchase badges here:

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How to use a finger


How to use a finger